Children & Youth 


Sunday School and Youth Group

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Sunday School

Our Sunday School meets during the worship service each week of the school year, and the children have a great time learning Bible stories, singing songs, and doing craft projects! Meeting during worship has been very convenient for our families, and the children look forward to Sunday School week after week. Our Sunday school also puts on a Christmas program during church every year. The kids have lots of fun exploring the Christmas story through these plays.

During COVID-19, Sunday school will meet with 2nd-5th graders when church takes place in the building.  Children will meet upon arrival in the basement and depending on numbers sit 2 at a table. Each child will have their own supplies, wear a mask, and social distance.  After church and Sunday school dismissal, children will meet their parents outside. There will be 2 teachers for the class.  If you would like to volunteer for a teaching role a sign up sheet will be on the bulletin board in the Narthex.
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Youth Group

CLC is pleased to offer *2* Youth Group programs for students this year! We are so blessed to have a large number of students participating.  
Senior High Youth Group is for students in high school. We will be studying about Unity, the biblical understanding of reconciliation, and living the life of a reconciler.
Junior High Youth Group is for students in 6th grade through 8th grade.
We will be studying the New Testament. 
We’ll close our meetings with prayers (requests and praises), the Lord’s Prayer, and any announcements. 

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Every year, our fantastic volunteers spend a week guiding our youth through a fun and exciting Vacation Bible School! We even have visits from some rather interesting characters like Ranger Marsha Mallow, pirate Arrrlene Arrrrbuckle, and Conductor Chartreuse Caboose.  The kids learn about God’s love and message through songs, crafts and games, and end the week by putting on a program for their family members.

During the 2020 VBS season, our Faith and Family ministry team put together and delivered “VBS to-go bags” to our church children while Pastor Julia put together some AMAZING videos for our kids to follow along at home with.  What a great team we have here!

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The Schroeder-Warnick Memorial Playground was dedicated in Spring 2016. 

Many of our CLC children have made use of this wonderful gift.  

Child Protection Policy

We know that parents care deeply about having safe, healthy activities for their children, and so, all of CLC’s child and youth activities are operated in accordance with our Child Protection Policy. You are invited to read about our efforts to ensure your child’s safety by clicking the link below.

If you need to turn in a protection policy signature page, please download and sign the form then email to or turn into the office at church.