Come to the Table!

Please find below the respondent form for our outdoor worship service.  

– The seating choices and amount available are: 

  • Outside of your vehicle: Limit 20 vehicles.  Bring your own seating. 
  • Inside your vehicle: Limit 14 vehicles.  You will not exit your vehicle.

– If you don’t see one of the choices listed above on the form, it means that particular seating type is filled.

– To keep everyone safe from weather conditions and disease transmission risk, this will be a condensed service compared to our usual worship.

– For the safety of our volunteers and congregants, please wear a face mask or other face covering when interacting with others within 6 ft.  Such as with ushers and deacons.

-Holy communion will be offered on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.

Procedure will be as follows:

  • Upon arrival, you will be directed to your parking spot by the ushers.
  • Deacons will come to your parked vehicle to take attendance and provide your communion elements when applicable. If sitting outside your vehicle, please wait for the deacons to take your attendance before setting up your seats.
  • If exiting your vehicle to sit outside, please occupy the space on the passenger side of your vehicle and maintain at least 6 ft of distance from your neighbors. Also, please turn off your vehicle so your neighbors don’t sit in exhaust fumes.
  • Sound will be played on speakers to the parking lot and broadcast to your radio on 93.1 FM.
  • Communion will be taken when designated during the service. Please take your trash home with you.
  • To reduce cross contamination in our building, please use “the facilities” before you come.
  • After the service, please wait to be dismissed by the ushers. They will dismiss one row at a time.


Thank you!