Youth Group

We will be studying A Cosmic Adventure through Science and Faith, hosted by Dr. Paul Wallace, an astronomer, projessor, theologian, and self-proclaimed science nerd! This is a topic I’m a little bit hesitant to share, but we will explore and inquire together. I won’t have the answers, so you can expect some questions at home. You may not have the answers either. That’s ok! Many of the mysteries that science and faith explore are bigger than our answers. We’ll embrace the questions and model what it means to live in the tension of our wonderings, doubts, and the unknown. My hope is that our faith will grow in the presence of the transcendent.
Our class will be for 6th grade – senior year, unless we outgrow the Lounge! Our time together will consist of short videos and a two page worksheet. We’ll return to the sanctuary for communication and finish up with our own prayers (requests and praises), the Lord’s Prayer, and any announcements.

Be sure to download GroupMe app. We will use this to communicate.
Make sure your students have access to the church Google calendar. They should be able to subscribe to it, if they don’t.
Most of the messages will come from Jill Maxey at (217) 621-0267, information will be sent to parents and students via GroupMe. You are also welcome to contact her directly via phone or text.
We are so excited about this opportunity! We certainly hope that you are too!!
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact any member of the Faith & Family Ministry.

May God’s perfect love, which drives out all fear, guide us on our journey through the cosmos!

*Ashley Rosenbery * Emily Hasty * Ann Hehn * Ashley Muse * Karen Molloy * Jenni Aikman * Jill Maxey*


Christ Lutheran Church Youth Group Schedule

As we reopen this part of our ministry, we will continue to follow the Monticello School District procedures.

• When you arrive, head right to your Youth Group Room.
• We will all wear masks. Masks will be provided if you do not have one.
• Hand sanitizer will be provided. Please use it when entering and leaving the room.
• Bottled water will be available, or you may bring your own drink from home.
• An offering plate will be placed in each classroom.
• You are asked to stay at home if you are not feeling well. Same policy as Monticello Schools.

Youth Group @ Lounge

January 16
February 6
February 13
March 6
April 3rd
May 1st

Youth Worship Assitants

January 23rd
February 27th
March 27th
April 24th
May 15th


*ALL Dates are subject to change! Look to CLC Google Calendar as well as in GroupMe for updates.*